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Printing for Christmas - Barbara Butler

Printing for Christmas - Barbara Butler
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30 Oct 2021 10:00 - 16:00

Saturday 30 October

Starts: 10am - Ends: 4pm

Cost: £50

Day Course D2421

Art tutor Barbara Butler plans to get you into the Christmas spirit through this fun one-day workshop. Barbara will show you how to create hand-made decorations, gift labels, cards, wrapping paper and wrapping fabrics, using simple kitchen table top methods of printing. These can be easily replicated at home so you can carry on creating and making.

Barbara Butler taught textile creative design and decoration for many years and is currently a Mixed Media and Creativity leader for the Creative Artists Retreat Movement (CARM). Now that her family have grown up she has gone back to printing her own cards and gift wraps for a distinctively hand-made colourful Christmas.

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