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Climate Change and Migration - Tess Humble

Climate Change and Migration - Tess Humble
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08 Jun 2021 19:00 - 20:30

Tuesday 8 June

Starts: 7pm - Ends: 8:30pm 

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Zoom Course Z1721

Climate change is already impacting the core environmental and social systems that underpin our world. As a result, people are facing difficult decisions whether to leave their homelands on every continent. How might climate-induced migration look in the coming years at home and abroad? What is the relationship between climate and migrant justice and the right to move and belong? With COP26 being held in Glasgow this year, we find our global society at a momentous time in terms of how we shape a fair and just future for people and the planet. Come and join us for a discussion on climate-induced migration, borders and climate justice and how we can fight for a fairer world for those on the move.

Tess Humble has been an activist and organiser on issues of climate change and migrant justice for 12 years. She has worked with frontline refugee communities in Turkey and across Europe

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