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Enneagram Holy Ideas & Essential Qualities

Enneagram Holy Ideas & Essential Qualities
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22 Nov 2024 to 24 Nov 2024 

Course Leader:  Helen English

Course Date:  Friday 22 - Sunday 24 November

Course Options:  - Residential - £450 Non Residential - £354

Course Timings:  Please arrive by 10am, course ends at 4pm

Course Code:  R2624

Course Information:

Enneagram Holy Ideas and Essential Qualities

A weekend retreat centred in the Holy Ideas and Spiritual Qualities that are at the heart of the Enneagram. These qualities are the absolute core of our being, our personality and our Soul path. Enjoy experiential immersion into the 9 essence qualities and find practices that bring them closer, so they are more freely accessible in daily life.  

Over the weekend, in the company of a small group, we will gently: 

  • Enjoy exploring the 9 Essential Qualities in theory and in living practice 
  • Take time to experience more deeply the particular Qualities of our own EnneaPoint
  • Appreciate how our Essence qualities (Enneagram-defined) already colour our experience: they shine in us and in each other
  • Draw on a range of modalities to create space for in-the-moment, lived experience of essential qualities: music, meditation, breathwork, journeying, somatic movement and more.  
  • Identify practices to help anchor the experience of Essence and open to it in daily life
  • Sense the shift in consciousness and presence that begins to happen as we open to our Enneagram-defined Essence Qualities.  
  • Open to the truer self within us, breathing with more freedom and ease
  • Enjoy the space Ammerdown offers for peace, reflection and integration

Particular soul qualities are identified with each of the Enneagram’s 9 points, defined as qualities of Being and of Essence. They take us to a soul centred place beyond limited notions of self and familiar identity constructs. A place where we feel closer to Universal Presence, Source, Spirit and the life force in all things.  We’re part of a wider field of consciousness where we are in Spirit and Spirit is within us: the individual self merges with the extensive ‘Is-ness’ of all life, in peaceful and expansive ease.  It’s an extraordinary, golden place where healing is possible and well-being returns. 

The Enneagram’s Holy Ideas and Holy Virtues are dimensions of this wider universal field, defining essential spiritual or divine qualities as found in all the world’s religious and spiritual traditions. For each of us according to our EnneaPoint, one of these essential qualities brings the positive gifts that shine with unique expression when we’re at our best, lighting up our being, our presence, our gifts to others and the world.  This same Essence Quality is always there: lost, found, longed for, sought, now close, now distant. Sometimes it’s more evident to others than it is to us.  In personality and ego, these same qualities unconsciously drive so much. They play out; sometimes beautifully, yet often distorted into material and human outcomes that fail to satisfy.  

Both in personality and in our quest of spiritual growth our lives are held in tension between two poles; we exist on an axis between them.  At one pole, the essential quality shines freely, we’re deeply connected to and infused by it: all is well. On the opposite pole we’re distanced, separated, disconnected. Our inner world revolves around the axis between these two poles and our constant movement back and forth between the two.  The Enneagram shows how we emulate this essence quality in the world of everyday life, often seeking it through material means, inevitably in vain.  It’s a process that’s largely unconscious until we meet the Enneagram and without attention, may continue this way long after we’ve encountered these ideas.  

Brought into awareness and allowed to shine, this same essence quality opens the door to our spiritual growth. Recognising and allowing it space to breathe brings ease and comfort.  With active attention, time and space, given quite deliberately, we create space for essence qualities to shine in our lives.  We can’t force it, but we can create the conditions that open up possibility, while enhancing our capacity for presence along the way. Gradually, we develop a deeper and healthier relationship with ourselves and our defining essence quality.  More broadly, we discover a stronger sense of deep connection, belonging and wellbeing in life.

Exploring all 9 qualities can be a rich, beautiful and uplifting experience. Exploring the Essence quality of our own EnneaPoint helps us sink into deeper connection with who we truly are. It may be inspiring and uplifting, a catalyst to change in self-perception and consciousness.  And over time, we have more access to these qualities: it’s not just in rare moments of prayer or meditation but becomes a familiar experience in daily life.  Everything in our experience shifts. 

Facilitator: Helen English 

Assisting: Joanne Bonnett


"Remembering with great joy our time together. I learned so much and hopefully now apply it skilfully in my dealing with friends and family. (from someone who’s now done several Enneagram workshops with us at Ammerdown)"

"The course, the surroundings and the group were all great!  I will carry this forward in the best way I can..  I just wanted to touch base and say thank you.  Go well, and I look forward to the next one…"

Helen English

Helen is an Integral Coach with 20+ years Enneagram experience. She works one-to-one, with groups and teams in a wide range of settings. Her work has always centred on helping people to fulfil their potential, leading happier and more satisfying lives at work, at home and in relationship. She finds the Enneagram an extraordinary and effective resource time and again.  

Helen studied in the US with Narrative Enneagram (TNE) founders Helen Palmer and Dr David Daniels and with British mentor Karen Webb, who for many years taught the Enneagram here at Ammerdown. She is Chair of Enneagram Alive , a community-led organisation devoted to creating Enneagram awareness, networking support to teachers and access for learners across Ireland and the UK. She is a former faculty member and supervisor with Enneagram Training providing TNE-licenced professional Enneagram qualifications in the UK.  Her certifications include: MA (English Literature, Cambridge), MSc (Change Consulting & Coaching, Surrey), Chartered MCIPD. Certified Enneagram Professional in the Narrative Tradition.  Certified Integral Development Coach (New Ventures West). Visit her website Positive Space for more information.

Joanne Bonnett

Joanne is a Certified Enneagram Typing Practitioner in the Narrative Tradition and brings many years experience as a trainer, events organiser & facilitator, business coach, mentor and public speaker.

She has always been fascinated by what makes people thrive. She enjoyed a corporate marketing career and for 20+ years has had her own businesses in wellbeing and consulting, including developing values-driven leadership training programmes.  She is now focusing on sharing her passion for the Enneagram, saying; “it’s a joy to see how exploring its wisdom empowers people to embrace being their unique selves professionally and personally.”



The balance will be due 10 days prior to the event

Non Residential

The balance will be due 10 days prior to the event