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Summer Quiet Day

Summer Quiet Day
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20 Jul 2024 

Course Leader:  Rev Narinder Tegally

Course Date:  Saturday 20 July

Course Options:  Day - £60

Course Timings:  9:30am for 10am - 4pm

Course Code:  D1124

This day is an invitation to take time out to refresh, be still , breathe in God’s beauty in nature.  To enjoy a summer’s day at Ammerdown to rest and allow yourself to draw close to Jesus who often went to a solitary place to pray and rest. We will draw on scripture, poetry, art, creative materials, music, enjoying nature and will include guided reflections and individual quiet time. We will remain silent during the breaks and in your individual quiet time

As we begin the Quiet Day, I invite you to bring something that tells your story - maybe a photo, a book, piece of music , a song , an artefact or an image – that connects you to our theme for the day.


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