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God of the Oppressed: The Revolutionary Theology of James H. Cone

God of the Oppressed: The Revolutionary Theology of James H. Cone
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23 Mar 2023 14:00 - 16:00

Anthony Reddie

Thursday 23 March

2pm - 4pm

Suggested Donation  £10


James Hal Cone (1938-2018) was the ‘Grand Patriarch’ of Black Liberation theology. While there has been a form of Black theology in existence since the era of transatlantic, chattel slavery of Africans, James H Cone is credited with creating the modern, systematic dimension of the discipline. His book ‘Black Theology and Black Power’, first published in 1969, paved the way for the further, scholarly development of Black theology. His early classic texts, ‘A Black Theology of Liberation’ (1970) and ‘God of the Oppressed’ (1975), helped to define the development of a revolutionary new approach to academic theology and the task of the theologian. Cone’s indefatigable fight to expose ‘Theology’s great – silence in the face of White Supremacy’, was his life’s project, in which the task of theology was to align itself with the liberationist dimensions of the God revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It can be argued that the 21st century creation of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement was the vindication of his radical approach to theology that spoke out in defence of the sanctity of Black human experience. This workshop will explore the central ideas of James Cone's work and legacy.


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