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Self-care for Eco Souls

Self-care for Eco Souls
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24 Apr 2024 to 26 Apr 2024 

Course Leader:  Laura Deacon

Course Date:  Wednesday 24 - Friday 26 April

Course Options:  Residential - £236 Non Residential - £128

Course Timings: 

Course Code:  R0824

Course Information:

How do we take care of ourselves and each other in the current climate emergency?

A Springtime residential course, collaboratively led and focused on self-care and creative expression.

This course is for anyone passionate about the current climate crisis and will offer a shared experiential learning environment through workshops, speakers, creative activity, mindfulness, and meditation in the natural surroundings of Ammerdown.

This course is focused on how we care for ourselves and each other in our personal and community work towards climate justice, whilst living in a Climate Emergency.

The residential will suit anyone who enjoys self-expression through nature centred poetry, reflection, storytelling, and art and for those who would like to find their voice in the landscape of environmental and social justice issues.



The balance will be due 10 days prior to the event

Non Residential

The balance will be due 10 days prior to the event