The Ammerdown Centre,
Ammerdown Park, Radstock,
Somerset, BA3 5SW
Tel: 01761 433709
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Why Ammerdown is Special

The feedback received from visitors points again and again to five characteristics that, together, make Ammerdown a place like no other:

  • The natural beauty of the surroundings
  • The atmosphere of peace and quiet
  • The warmth and helpfulness of the staff
  • The excellent home-cooked food
  • The feeling of acceptance and of genuine welcome that permeates everything

This special character was beautifully captured in an article written to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ammerdown Centre, entitled 'A Place where Heaven and Earth meet'. Its author, a Methodist Minister and a frequent visitor to the Centre, wrote:

"The most remarkable gift that Ammerdown brings to contemporary life is hospitality of the kind which acknowledges and celebrates difference. In this atmosphere, people with different life experiences can explore what it is to be human. It is no hothouse, but it is remarkable how people grow and prosper when Ammerdown works its magic'".